The Elders Smart Farmer app will not be available from 5 August 2020

As technology evolves, so do the needs of our farming customers. Elders’ priority is to provide solutions and agricultural advice that drives productivity and profitability for customers. This means assessing the use and value of the platforms we provide, to ensure they deliver value for users.

In response to this, Elders has decided to decommission the Elders Smart Farmer app.

Read Elders decommissions apps to cater for changing tech climate in agriculture

What was the Elders Smart Farmer app?

Bringing together information for you to make smart decisions on-farm

Increasingly, producers are using data and digital solutions to guide their decision making, and rely on this information to maximise farm profitability. The Elders Smart Farmer app was an on-farm decision support tool, providing access to various industry information and tools in a mobile format. The app consolidated resources in a customisable dashboard, with the option to add multiple properties and tailor each dashboard to suit individual properties and farming types.

What next?

The app will be decommissioned from Wednesday 5 August 2020

埃尔ders is focused on delivering value to customers through our research and development initiatives and partnerships.

埃尔ders will continue to support the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies within the agricultural industry, through partnerships with AgTech providers and our research and development through theThomas Elder Institute, delivered as premium agriculture advisory services throughThomas Elder Consulting.

埃尔ders is bringing research to the farm gate

with the Thomas Elder Institute

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